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Three Reasons Every Small Business Should Use EarthLink's Hosted Voice Services:

1. Simply your services. Instead of having separate voice lines, Internet service, and fax machine, and little or no way to communicate quickly, Unified Communications bring all of your services and processes together, providing a single, fully integrated experience that will save you money and time. 

2. Features that increase your productivity to have more time to grow your business. Choose which devices should ring when someone is trying to reach you, manage how calls should be routed based on time of day, launch a phone call directly from your contact list in Exchange, plus a whole lot more!

3. Ease of deployment and maintenance. EarthLink Hosted Voice Services has flexible options to purchase with Internet Services, Bring Your Own Bandwidth from a competitor, and Bring Your Own Analog Phones. Our FREE IP Phones are pre-programmed and ready to plug in as soon as they arrive. This is a fully managed solution so no need for a specially trained IT staff or third-party maintenance agreement.

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 Save up to 50-80% off your current services and have more time to grow and manage your business

Phone conversations are still the lifeblood of many businesses. But in today's mobile world, it's easy to miss important calls — and that can mean lost revenue. You and your employees can stay connected from any location with EarthLink's Hosted Voice with Mobile Communicator.

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